minoxidil and it is used as an alternative to hair transplant. The minoxidil drug is a medication for hair regrowth and it is marketed under the brand name Rogaine which originally it was developed for hypertension or high blood pressure fight.

Minoxidil when used by patients having high blood pressure stimulated the growth of their hair, thus when directly applied to the scalp it can also stimulate growth of the hair. Rogaine is more effective in women than men. This is especially for women suffering from diffuse androgenetic alopecia which is the condition of losing hair, thus leading to baldness. Baldness is a condition experienced mostly by men, so the question people ask most is does Rogaine for women work? The answer is yes it does.

It works for women because Rogaine works in that it makes the hair follicles shrink by process of revitalizing thus increasing the size of the hair. The hair growing phase also lengthens if used every day, thus making the hair thick and long. Rogaine is produced in liquid form for women and in the form of foam for men. It can either be used using a dropper or by spraying twice in a day.

The effectiveness of Rogaine depends on how advanced your hair loss has become, since it is only effective in slowing the process of your hair thinning and does not help the growth of hair on a completely bald scalp. For Rogaine to work, it should be applied efficiently and daily. This is how to effectively apply it.

Carefully wash your hair and scalp, then dry it with a towel or blow-dry it. Rinse your hands carefully then dry them. Prepare the solution and apply it to the hair thinning area and rub it with your fingers. Allow Rogaine to dry for about twenty to twenty five minutes and two hours before sleeping. This must be done daily for a period of months for the hair to regrow preventing further baldness.

After a few weeks, your hair will shed away and new hair will begin to grow though you will have to exercise a little patience. Other than Rogaine improving your hair, it too has some few side effects but that can be treated easily. Some of the negative effects include: Itching, scalp irritation and occurrence of dandruffs. This mainly occurs due to the alcohol content in it. The treatment used is the use of shampoo and application of gels.

Women need Rogaine more than men sine hair is part of what adds beauty to a woman. They need long and thick hair, and Rogaine is a perfect solution. However, excess application of Rogaine could lead to some painful itches on the scalp, thus the right recommended amount should be used.

Rogaine is not used in children since it can cause some defects, thus even pregnant women should not use it since it will lead to some child defects associated with it. If you are having some problems with your hair due to its thinning or shedding off, try Rogaine and see the difference that comes with it,

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