Eliminating tonsil stones can be quite tough but it is possible. You may choose to use your fingers to remove them. After washing your hands clean, you open your mouth and locate the tonsils with your finger. You then apply some pressure on them and slightly push your fingers up so that the tonsil stones can pop out. Remember to clean up your mouth afterwards. You may use a cotton swab to do away with the tonsil stones instead of using your fingers directly.

If the stones are firmly attached and painful, using fingers to remove them may not be wise because you may end up hurting yourself further. You should flush them out using water. Add some salt into clean water then gargle it in the mouth. This will help loosen the stones allowing them to ease out of the tonsils. A water pick which is usually used to clean the gums can also be used here. You simply flash your tonsils using water from the pick so as to loosen the tonsil stones for easy removal.

Another way to remove the stones is by massaging them with a toothbrush. The toothbrush should be soft to avoid creating abrasions and inflaming the tonsils further. Keep the massage gentle enough. If the stones fail to pop out, use water to flash them out since they will have become loose.

Sometimes the tongue can prove to be the best means of removing the tonsil stones. Use it to put pressure on the tonsils with the aim of breaking the stones or simply loosening them up. This may feel very uncomfortable especially if they painful. You can also swallow lots of saliva working back your mouth so that it passes over them and make them loose. This may take you a bit longer therefore you should keep trying for like ten minutes if you are to realize good results.

Some cases however require medical solutions like in cases where the tonsils have been infected. The antibiotics can be very helpful given that the stones are caused by bacteria accumulation. You need to pay your doctor a visit so the he can examine you and prescribe the drugs for you. It is however important to note that the solution offered by the antibiotics is temporary hence it is important you take other preventive measures to keep the tonsil stones at bay.

In a case where the Alessandra genesis sickness are very large and painful or where they keep coming back, you may need to see a doctor so that he can surgically remove them. The process is made less painful by numbing the affected area before scraping the stones out. Remember that this procedure should only be done by a qualified doctor.

You need to take preventive measures against the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth by observing good oral hygiene. You should make use of oxygenating tooth paste and mouth wash. Make use of a tongue scraper to neutralize the bacteria at the back of the tongue effectively. Practice this on a daily basis especially before going to bed because if the food particles stay in your mouth overnight, they may lead to growth of bacteria.

Avoid breathing with your mouth open by all means. When you breathe through your mouth, your throat becomes dry allowing for the growth of certain bacteria that leads to tonsil stones. You need to practice breathing through your nose as opposed to your mouth especially when you are exercising. It may take some time before you get used to it but it is really worthwhile. If you find it hard breathing through your nose when you are sleeping, you may use nose strips to keep your nose open.

In some cases, tonsillectomy may be necessary especially if you mouth conditions are making you prone to tonsil stones. Problems like severe pains, swallowing problems and tonsillitis may force you to consider removing your tonsils entirely so that you don’t have to worry about getting tonsil stones again.

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