Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are the most common diseases of the rectal area and can be uncomfortable and at times painful. The rectum is the part of the large intestines that leads to the anus. The anus is the opening at the end of the digestive tract where the contents of the bowel leave the body. How Go Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast

Hemorrhoids affect almost half the population of people over the age of fifty. The peak age is between forty five to sixty five years. It occurs when the veins around the anus get distended because of constipation, childbirth, long sitting periods and heavy lifting. Usual symptoms include itching and irritation around the anal area. Bleeding might occur as the condition gets worse gradually in some cases.

Hemorrhoids can be managed reduced or even cured completely without the need to have a costly surgery. Actually, most symptoms of this condition improve radically by simply applying simple home remedies. You want to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently and prevent occasional outbreaks using natural remedies? Here is how to do it:

Lessen the chances of constipation and pressure on the rectum by increasing dietary fiber and water intake. A diet rich in fiber is very beneficial and shows a regular useful effect in relieving hemorrhoid symptoms and bleeding. Along with sufficient fluid, fiber also reduces the pressure on the hemorrhoids and softens the stools making them quite easier to pass. You can avoid hemorrhoid symptoms by taking foods rich in dietary fiber like whole grains and vegetables, wheat, beans, broccoli and fresh fruits. Fiber supplements like Citrucel, Fiber Con, Metamucil and Psyllium can also be used.

Stay active. In case you are suffering from hemorrhoids, it is important for you not to sit still for a long period of time. If you must sit still for prolonged periods, invest in an air doughnut to help keep the pressure off the affected area.

Moderate aerobic exercises like brisk walking for twenty to thirty minutes per day can also help stimulate bowel function, making it easier to pass stools. This will greatly improve your health and help eliminate your hemorrhoids quickly. For the individuals who want to shed off excess pounds, getting sufficient exercise can also help you achieve that. Adding workouts to your daily routine will also help normalize the movements of the bowel and improve your overall health. However, do not go for the workouts that involve heavy weightlifting.

Take regular warm births. Take a sitz bath thrice per day and after every bowel movement. Fill a plastic tub with warm water, and sit in the tab for fifteen to twenty minutes. Pat your anus dry gently using a soft towel when you are done. You can buy a plastic tub for this purpose. Sitz baths help relieve the itching and anal spasms.

Ensure you keep your anal area clean. Avoid using harsh soaps because they might worsen the problem. Gently dry the area after soaking in a dabbing motion or using a hair drier on a low heat setting for the least amount of irritation.

Go to the washroom as soon as you feel the urge to have a bowel movement. This will help prevent pressure buildup within the rectum, which may worsen the condition. Don’t strain or try forcing the bowel movement out.

Also, you can apply cold compresses as they help reduce the swelling associated with hemorrhoids. Apply ice packs to the affected area for relief.

Lastly, use witch hazel soaked pads to help numb the affected area. Although this will not help get rid of the hemorrhoids, it will provide short-term pain relief.

In conclusion, these are just some of the home remedies for hemorrhoids. They are surely effective but in case the condition worsens, you may consider seeing a doctor or a physician

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