Proper training should, first and foremost, make the dog comfortable and patient. When trying to tame the dog, many times in the early stages the process is difficult and annoying, and small puppies that seem very cute can cause quite a few problems. If you do the training properly you can win a dog which will be a pleasant factor for many years. The most important thing in the dog training process is to be very patient. It is a matter of patience for both the trainer and the dog, because the same process must be repeated many times over until the dog learns. The main purpose of the training is to improve communication between the dog and its owner, and also in the opposite direction. The main issue is to bring the dog into a position where he will obey the trainer because he will understand that the owner knows well what is allowed and what is not allowed. Dogs that are not attentive to their owners can cause harm to themselves or the environment.

Problems the dog may cause

There are many problems that can be caused by the dog, and sometimes even cause family members to regret having taken it … The problems are divided into many types and can be enumerated.

Doing needs – The dog needs to be educated best where to do his or her needs. A dog that performs its needs indoors or in the stairwell should be tame in order to perform its needs exclusively on designated trips.

Leaving dog hair – Leaving dog hair on the sofa is one of the problems that you can do in the house. That is why you need to get a great glove that can hold you and refre you from having mess in the house.


Milling objects – especially in small puppies whose teeth are in the process of development, most often they look for and try to chew just about anything. In order to prevent this, they must provide replacements that they can chew such as bones and the like. Because there is nothing more annoying than coming to use the computer and discovering that the dog ate one of the computer’s cables.

Theft of objects – Many dogs take food from the table or shoes of family members. It is very important to educate them not to do so with appropriate penalties.

Bites – a topic that can cause damage and pain and even scare small children from playing with the dog. You must educate the dog that should not bite, even while playing.

Aggression – An overly aggressive dog can become a biting dog and even harm other dogs or humans in the street. An aggressive dog can be identified by overpowering objects or dominance.

Destruction – Dogs who are left alone at home may cause damage to objects on the premises. This is due to the dog’s “anger” at being left alone.